Friday, March 21, 2008

Morillon Ski Trip 2008 - Parts 4, 5 and 6.

Somewhat belatedly, the continued exploits of the Morillon party.

Day 4

A new plan is hatched to get us all more easily to the abundant slopes of flaine. The ladies take the patmobile and drive round whilst we blokes take the more conventional up hill and down dale ski across valleys approach, which is an admittedly tiring and time consuming schlep.

Less chore than before today as the long runs in to the connecting chairs are well groomed fresh snow and we once again have brilliant sunshine.

Watches have been synchronised with vin chaude o'clock set for 11 at the top of the main gondola when both parties regroup.

An group slide followed on the previous days top run, today a little more cut up with moguls left by peeps with no sense of rhythm, but still pretty good. Then a couple of runs, me and the lady. Then another vin chaude. Life is tough.

Then, well, lunch!

Closed in at this point, so careful radar navigated can't see hand in front of face run down, then the girls hit the car and we start the trek back. Clears a bit as we go then one or two nice big runs on way home too.

Day 5

The lady decides this is her rest, sleep, read and keep murphy company day, but for the rest of up it is another lightning start at the crack of quarter to ten. Well. Would have been had mr j not had to take a quick run back to collect mrs j's pass. Good warm up never did anyone any harm.

Group split in two once again. Two pats and a burns went in search of powder in high flaine whilst the jones twins and I sampled the delights of samoens. To be honest, just same as before. Brilliant sunshine, great snow, well groomed pistes. Also, quite quiet, the masses preferring flaine. Oh. And vin chaude as well. This did not suck.

A meet up with the group for late lunch again, a couple of runs then the drift back again as once again things close in in the afternoon.

I see I have made no mention of food, a clear oversight. The partial catering, ie they cook it, deliver it and we reheat when ready, provided by the kandahar kitchens, the people through which we also booked chalet, has been top notch. This night is worthy of note as a trip was made to the tourne pierre restaurant to sample some local cuisine. A fine meal was had by all, even if shug didn't get his fondue.

Day 6

Last day, so not much to say. Other than got up at 7 to find the up to this point green valley in which we had been staying now had 4 inches of fresh snow.

On the day we leave.


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